Bob Massie


I have been an activist all my life, working to figure not only what ideas would make a difference but how to implement them in the real world.  My career has taken through me through many different kinds of work — from serving as an inner city pastor in Manhattan and in Somerville, Mass, to getting a doctorate in corporate strategy and business policy at Harvard Business School, to writing a long and I like to think definitive history of the US anti-apartheid movement [Loosing the Bonds: The United States and South Africa in the Apartheid Years, Doubleday, 1998], to running as the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts (1994), and serving as the executive director of Ceres ( and the co-founder and first chair of the Global Reporting Initiative.  In 2003 my life took a dramatic turn when I had to resign my job and go home and wait for Hepatitis C induced liver transplant.   The medical story is at   I have been waiting for six  years, and during that period I have slowly started to write again, and most of the things I write about — business, politics, sustainability, theology, ethics, history, and, of course, how to create large scale system change — are things that people have suggested I put in one place, on one blog.   So now you have found it.  I am just getting started and I would welcome comments or suggestions.   Thanks for checking this out.

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